Services and Partnerships

Why partner with us?

While we hope you have found our free resources useful we also realize that you may need to accelerate your school's data efforts. We are be able to support you and your school with a customized plan and direct access to our data specialists.

Based on our years of experience working in schools, our learning data specialists can design data dashboards to inform your decisions, advance your school or district's data culture, and drive innovative approaches for continual improvement.

Find out more about how we can help you become more data driven by looking at this resource about how we create dashboards based on audience and purpose.

3 ways partnering with us can help you

Empower leadership to develop effective data usage strategies, systems, and structures.

Design customized data dashboards for your school and district.

Provide direct training for your staff to create self sustaining data dashboards in Google Data Studio.

What Does Partnering with us Look Like?

Step 1 - Partner with us

  • Fill out this form to identify your needs.

  • Upon receipt and review we will be in touch to further develop your customised plan and review the initial invoice.

Step 2 - Design data collection systems

  • We will need to design sustainable data collection systems in Google Sheets*, considering API connections and survey systems.

Step 3 - Design data dashboards for your school in Google Data Studio

  • We will begin designing dashboards based on your needs. We generally start with a Leadership Dashboard, a Student Services Dashboard, and an Advisory/Teacher Dashboard.

  • We use Google Data Studio as it is a live interface and can eventually be sustained by your school once you feel you have what you want and can update it on your own.

Step 4 - Design systems and structure to leverage your data dashboards

  • Support in the design of structures, systems, and developing a culture of data that will enable you to leverage the data visualizations we have designed in your dashboards.

  • Answering common questions:

    • When are we looking at data?

    • For what purpose?

    • Who is looking at the data?

    • Depending on the audience, what protocols will be most appropriate?

    • How do we create a positive culture for looking at data and avoid harming educators psychological safety?

Step 5 - Sustain systems, grow with us, and continue to do even better for our students every year!

  • We support sustainability, train staff, and develop customizations over time as needed.

  • As we partner with schools around the world, we are constantly learning how to better visualize and use data in innovative ways. As a partner, we will be able to share with you what is working best at other schools around the world for consideration in your own growth as a data drive institution..

  • We can't wait to hear your data stories and how the systems we build together are helping your community of learners.

*We leverage Google Spreadsheets as they can be updated live and are secure within the Google Drive.