As much as we pride ourselves on our blog posts and connected resources, sometimes it's just easier to turn on a podcast and feel more like you're joining a conversation. We hope you enjoy our growing list and join us for future interviews with other data enthused educators down the road.

A word about our podcasts

  1. We are dedicated professionals talking about our passion for data as a powerful tool for empowering students and schools.

  2. If you're in a hurry remember, the momentum of these conversations builds throughout so take the time to reap the greatest insights by listening to the entire podcast.

  3. We keep them under 20 minutes for busy educators.

Podcast #6

THE Best First Dashboard: Informing conversations, mentorship and getting to know your students

In this podcast we discuss:

  1. How dashboards are about children, not teachers

  2. How your first dashboard informs conversations for greater mentorship

  3. Why academic data is just one piece of the puzzle

Podcast #5: New Year, New Beginnings

In this podcast we discuss:

  1. What it's like tackling the data visualization piece in a new school

  2. Strategies and systems for collecting and collating the disparate array of data available

  3. Planning to use your data effectively right from the start to serve the needs of those you serve better

Podcast #4 - Avoiding Data Pitfalls: The Devil is in the Details

With Warren Apel

Director of Technology, The American School in Japan

I was a scientist before I was a teacher - worked at the NIH on bioinformatics and genetics of diabetes. I taught at Cairo American College, AES New Delhi, ISA Amsterdam and ASIJ.


Podcast #3: Equity, Demographic Data, and the Sociocultural Lens

With Beth Puma

Language and Literacy Coach and Educational Consultant

I am an EAL specialist, coach, and educational consultant that is dedicated to building a more transformative educational landscape that honors linguistic diversity and challenges societal paradigms.

Check out ​Beth's Blog and Consulting Website - Transforming our hearts, transforming our classrooms, transforming our world.

Podcast #2: Operationalizing the Data: Tools, Systems & Structures

In our last podcast we discussed ast episode we talked about schools general need for data.

    1. How do we start building that data culture?

    2. If we are looking to build this culture, what are the tools and systems that need to be in place?

    3. What data visualization tools do you recommend?

Podcast #1: Sharing Our School’s Data Journeys

Our inaugural podcast setting the stage from fundamentals

  1. Where is your school on the continuum?

  2. Where are you going?

  3. Why do you think schools need data?

  4. What purpose does it serve?

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