At Smart Data for Schools, we have put decades of combined experience in education to work developing tools that allow educators access to insightful visualizations of student learning across year levels, classrooms and subject areas.

We believe that access to learning data empowers school stakeholders to engage in more productive conversations, supports decision making, and informs the effective construction of goals for improvement, empowering you in your ongoing efforts to support all the children in your care.

We develop a warehouse for all of your student data. You use it to visualize and get the best of both micro and macro visualizations to better understand results and chart courses for continual improvement.

We don't see ourselves as a service provider but a partner.

We support schools in their efforts to continually raise the bar for the families they serve by developing the tools and strategies to become increasingly data driven and effective institutions of learning by accessing the most relevant, up-to-date snapshots of the learning and circumstances of each and every student.

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